Press Release

Press Release

The 1 Invisible Mask Virus Buster

“The 1 Invisible Mask Virus Buster” Made in USA is a patent FDA registered technology approved tag name. Successful lab results at KW Technologies have been documented and filed, as well as deemed not harmful to wear along the neck, for both children and adults. 

What is “The 1 Invisible Mask Virus Buster”?

“Quantum Technology”

“The 1 Invisible Mask Virus Buster” was formulated using the latest A.I Technology in Quantum computing. The scientists behind this technology studied many types of compounds to create this amazing protective device.

The theory needed to be tested for efficacy and cross referenced. A group of chemical compounds also had to be developed. IBM’s Quantum Computer was used to accelerate this exceedingly tedious process into gaining reliable answers. 

Ion Exchange Science”

“The 1 Invisible Mask Virus Buster” is based on a proven, simple science called “Ion exchange science.” Simply stated, when certain ions collide with other ions, a reaction takes place. The reaction causes select compounds, at the point of collision, to emit an invisible gas. Gas is lighter than air and collects in a tight area. In this case, the pouch containing the reaction sits lower than one’s face and hangs around the neck. In this way, the area surrounding the head and face receives the benefit of this protective gas. Lab experiments have shown that the gas in an intense form killed all of the bugs that were exposed to the gas that carry viruses, bacteria and other pathogens before they enter the body via nose, mouth, or eyes. A patent pending technology called ISiL-Chlor insures the science by backing up the positive results of this virus killer as safe, harmless, and easy to use.

The development of the product has been completed and is ready to be introduced to the world as “The 1 Invisible Mask Virus Buster.” The theory and principle regarding this technology is simple; Prevent viruses, bacteria and pathogens from entering the body and calm the person down. Make a “shield” or invisible barrier that stops, diverts and or kills any virus coming into range of one’s nose or mouth.

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